Contemporary music with emotional depth – a bridge between live music and dance-floor incorporating stylistic elements from jazz, funk, house and Electro – that, in a nutshell, is what music of LE SPIN OVALE from Hamburg describes. The music is composed, arranged, recorded and produced by LE SPIN OVALE. The Band is at home in Hamburg. Their performances in the popular clubs in the city have made them an insider tip. "For LE SPIN OVALE club culture is more than just deejaying: hand-made, laid-back and catchy grooves, complex sounds and intimate melodies" that's how Patrick Pagels, the guitarist and band leader describes the band's concept. He is the one responsible for most of the compositions and arrangements and video material. Kalle Tjaben adds his own touch with e-piano and Syntheszers. Tammo Bergmann on drums enriches the sound by his background playing in jazz, funk and soul bands in Germany and abroad.
Since 2004 the band is featuring the soul-vocalist Melvin Edmondson (U.S.) in guest-performances. His warm soul-voice fits well to the emotional side of LE SPIN OVALE.
Another special guest is Carsten Schulz – DJ. He was active for some time in the German hip-hop scene but also enhances the sound of LE SPIN OVALE with his background in electronic music.


THE NEW ALBUM – "Sleep Fast And Go! "

"Everything flows!" is an ancient Greek saying. Things are moving forward, up and down, fast or slow, irresistible anyway and further still. This image has hardly ever been conveyed more audibly than on "sleep fast and go!" the latest album by Hamburg's LE SPIN OVALE. This awesome second album by the electric organ-led trio is virtually overflowing with inspired ideas and hungry grooves, constantly driving, authentic as well as intimate and undoubtedly trendsetting. Musically matured, with a concept that revolves even faster than its 2003 predecessor "sleep cheap in luxury", courtesy of the well directed vocals of American soul singer Melvin Edmondson, this 70 minute journey into sound lives up to its name: 13 cuts on the threshold of dreamful and somnambulistic, meandering between adept Jazz, contagious funk and hip-caressing house stream into your ears - relaxing at times, exciting throughout, enjoyable all round. "As a band we live our music", comments Patrick Pagels, the outfit's guitarist, composer, arranger, electronic puzzler and general spin doctor. "Club culture to us is much more than flipping records and tweaking knobs. For this album we went back to our roots, which are based on funk, soul and jazz and added our very own electronic touch to it. That is the only way it works for us." Listeners access this acoustic "best of both worlds" instantly: Diving down with pleasure into the unusual yet homelike worlds of sound. One can relate easily to the music, in its omniscience flow, full of ecstasy and indulgence.
"The three instrumentalists of us have known each other for quite some time and played music in many different formations", adds Patrick Pagels who is not only composing and arranging most of LE SPIN OVALE's music but also the leading producer. "Every time we get together everybody contributes their experiences so that we can grow with one another and along the music." It shows, as it took the band only three days to record the instrumental tracks, which were completed in a focussed team effort. Anytime Melvin Edmondson's soul vocals start shining through we have come full circle. The Ohio born singer had shone already next to Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in "The Wiz". "Melvin Edmondson is anything but a diva, he is a very modest and contained man", Patrick Pagels says. "Besides he is a wonderful professional and one of the best singers around. Over the last two years he made a couple of live appearances with le spin ovale. This time he just walked into the studio, finished his sandwich and brought each take to the point so meticulously that we could hardly believe it ourselves. We are mainly an instrumental band, but Melvin compliments our music in formidable fashion." The 13 tracks on "sleep fast and go!" stand alone for themselves as well as they make an album. You might want to single out your favourite tunes or listen A to Z to this self-produced album, which was mastered exquisitely by Bo Kondren. This music is absorbing and touching, floating and accompanying, a most wonderfully real vision. Start it all over again, following its constant and elegant swayings. Moving forward. And everything flows.

Cd-Info: lso_cd-info.pdf

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Label: schoener hören music (LC 10944);
Order-No.: NRW 4030 | Bezug:
CD-Release: october 2006



THE FIRST ALBUM – "Sleep Cheap In Luxury"

The material for the debut album was developed by performing live in Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen. The richly varied musical backgrounds of the performers form their creative inspiration. "Sleep Cheap in Luxury" reflects the whole spectrum of the repertoire: tracks such as "Le Spin" or "Shaki On The Fly" reveal their love of pulsating house grooves. A more sensual, melancholic side shows up in the softly flowing composition "Smooth" or the title track "Sleep Cheap in Luxury". Tracks such as "Who Knows" or "Fiat Lux" point to the more experimental side of their repertoire.

The CD is released on the Schoener Hören Music label and published by Freibank Music Publishing. All tracks have been composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Le Spin Ovale (guitar, keyboards/ e-piano, drums, turntable/ electronics).

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Le Spin Ovale CD: "Sleep Cheap In Luxury"
Label: schoener hören music (LC 10944)
Ord. No.: NRW 4012
CD-Release: February 2003.



12"-RELEASE – "Shaki On The Fly" - Remixed

In February, Lounge Records released four club-remixes of the track:
"Shaki On The Fly" -
NUMBER 2 !! in the DCC (german club-charts) week 11/2003 -
Remixes by Rivera Rotation, dj quadratschulz and dj spindoctor Patrick Pagels

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