KALLE TJABEN – wurlitzer-piano, clavinet, synthesizers

- born in Hamburg, musical studies a.o. at the Hamburg-University
  and the state-academy of Trossingen
- working as a live- and studio-musician since 1984 (Blue Motion, The Soul
  Society, Clubkraft, Boom Box, Natalie Dorra, Robbie Smith Band...)
- participations in many soul- and jazz-oriented CD-releases
  (f.e. Jazzbüro Hamburg Szene Sampler, Magic Drive, Ghee & Gheetribe,
  Soulciety-Sampler, Jazz City Hamburg Vol.1)
- Concerts and TV-Appearances with international recommended artists
  like Carleen Anderson, Debelah Morgan, Ciwan Haco and
  Cunnie Williams