ALBUM - "SLEEP FAST AND GO! " (shoener hoeren music):

"Alles dreht sich – alles bewegt sich. Auch in Hamburg. Aus der Alster-Metroplole stammen Le Spin Ovale, ein verflixt gut programmiertes Trio, das sich der Lounge-Mucke zwischen den Fixpunkten Funk, Jazz und Soul verschrieben hat. Es gibt allerdings gerade auf diesem Gebiet viele Produktionen, die einem bei einem solchen Cocktail ein breites Gähnen über die Gesichtszüge wachsen lassen. Nicht so bei den Spin-Doktoren Patrick Pagels (Gitarre, Programming), Kalle Tjaben (Keyboards) und Tammo Bergman (Drums). Sie haben mit „Sleep Fast And Go!” den Spagat zwischen „chic” und „gehaltvoll“ geschafft, ohne sich dabei das Becken auszukugeln. Ihre Tracks, die einen in Teilen etwas an Billy Cobhams „Spectrum”-CD erinnern, aber ansatzweise auch stramme Housemannskost aufweisen und nicht zuletzt mit einer Hancock’schen Herangehensweise liebäugeln, sind allesamt spannend aufgebaut und warten mit immer neuen und sorgsam ausgetüftelten Kunstgriffen auf. Nicht genug damit, daß sie so und auf diese Weise dem schleichenden Aufmerksamkeitsschwund ein gekonntes Schnippchen schlagen, nein, sie haben auch noch einen US-Joker namens Melvin Edmondson im Gepäck, der sich als einfühlsamer und jeder Situation angepasster Soul-Crooner prächtig in die hippen Tracks aus Hamburg einbringt. So soll eine coole CD klingen: knackig, knisternd und komplex, dabei trotzdem elegant, eigenwillig und entspannend."

(Klaus D. Halama | SOUND & IMAGE.DE 2007)

"Entgegen jedem Trend-Takt, der zum Abgesang auf groovend-jazzige elektronisch-analoge Hybridmusik schlägt, veröffentlicht "Le Spin Ovale" sein zweites Album. Mit "handgemachten, relaxten und zupackenden Grooves, komplexen Sounds und intimen Melodien" (Bandinfo) windet sich das Hamburger Trio am Ende aus den überhörten Schemata des von ihnen praktizierten musikalischen Genres heraus. Was ihren Sound am Ende hervorhebt, ist der mit Absicht un-nachbearbeitete Livefaktor, der Mut zum echten Solo, das unverkrampfte Verhältnis zur verpönten Chick-Corea-Fusion, die Liebe zur Klangcollage eines Gabor Szabo. Ob das nun kühn ist oder einfach nur ihr Ding?
Zu verspielt und improvisiert für die Lounge-Tapete und trotzdem lieber auf der sicheren Seite, siedelt man sie irgendwo zwischen Molvaer, The Funky Lowlifes, Clifford Gilberto, Les Gammas und den Underwolves an. Nun ja, ein bisschen Augenzwinkern zieht sich schon durch "Sleep Fast And Go"."

(bv in STYLE and the family tunes / Dez. 2006 / Issue No.99)


ALBUM - "SLEEP CHEAP IN LUXURY" (shoener hoeren music):

"Le Spin Ovale certainly isn't the first band to tailor its own special brand of music from elements of jazz, funk, house, d&b and electronics. The four artists from Hamburg, known an insider tip because of numerous club appearances, are supremely laid-back taking the genre-mixing approach to new heights by staying musically focused. This makes their music unique and different from many other similar projects. The band doesn't just offer hip beats and exotic electro sounds which, though clever, don't hang together. There is a real sense of organic music at work, primarily the funky-cool guitar strings of bandleader, Patrick Pagels. The e-piano, keyboards and sound effects blend in well and even the drums are not just there to rev up. The four musicians from Hamburg know how to create dance floor grooves with just a fine smattering of vinyl scratching. But, from chillout to dance floor, Le Spin Ovale have much to offer which is good and worth listening to."
(Christoph Giese | JAZZTHETIK 03.'03)

"The Hamburg Project brings together dance floor and live gigs. Whether jazz, deep house, downbeat, electro or Drum & Bass - Le Spin Ovale blends these different styles and structures (despite digital preponderance) into a live band format with its own unique feel. The many varied tracks are recorded live and most have melancholic melodies. The intimate charm of the dry house grooves combines well with the wonderful introspective guitar chords creating a magnetic effect that is hard to resist. They achieve the golden mean between track-focussed and live music perfect for a lazy day on the sofa. That’s the best place to hear and appreciate the lovingly crafted details. The carefree to "lazy" piano grooves, the mini-scratches, the fine percussion "showers" and, if I may say the magnificent indifference that is one of le Spin Ovale`s distinguishing features."
(Frank Eckert | JAZZTHING 03.'03)



12"-REMIX - "SHAKI ON THE FLY" (Lounge Records 040):

"They have already entered the DCC charts. That in itself does't mean much but it does show that the mixing on tracks such as Rivera Rotation and Hindi Of The Night really works. And I agree. While Rivera, with its 33 revolutions (rotations) makes good use of the Rhodes keyboard for a house feel, the indian religion fans can enjoy Tone E.O. soul. As I can no longer stand listening to Cher-style vocal filters my money is on the Hindi instrumental piece. As a bonus, there is a playful sound vignette by band member Patrick Pagels, alias SpinDoctor. Ovale rules."
(Review | DE:BUG 03.'03)



"band in progress A stingray floats over Hamburg. Beneath this projected video image. down below, eleven floors above the night-time port, le Spin Ovale are making music. Here in the former ASTRA conference rooms shoals of fish, computer men and potraits of ladies glide along the walls while Patrick Pagels, guitar, Kalle Tjaben, keyboards, Tammo Bergmann, drums and DJ Carsten Schulz play their rehearsal programme. We hear hints of Benson and Bugge and sometimes Montgomery or Carl Craig. Solid solos on rich foundations, subtile sound expression within a clear acoustic framework. "We are sort of in between regarding style." says Patrick Pagels, guitarrist, graphic designer and in-house "Spin Doctor". "Somehow it's jazz but House too with other danceable rhythms. We want it to work in clubs and concerts and like electronic sound with organic depth. We arent trying to be all things to everyone but we want to get those ovals spinning. We performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in our trio "B-three". There were 600 beautiful Danish girls there." says Pagels."Honestly, our performance didn't really turned them on. Then we played an early version of "Shaki On The Fly" with strong House-style beats. And suddenly they started to dance." Back in Hamburg Le Spin Ovale reworked the concept and found a new name (the old name was profitably tranferred to a boy group.). ""Le Spin Ovale" came to me while I was writing the track "Le Spin". I saw, in my mind's eye, a constantly revolving oval." The band leader grins. Of course this particular marching, head nodding track is on their debut album "Sleep Cheap in Luxury as well as other similar full-blooded dance tracks such as "Smooth", "Low Tide" as well as the dance floor filling "Shaki On The Fly". This track also appears in the four times remixed version on a 12" on Lounge Records. "We have continually improved as a band", says Pagels. "At the beginning, we all played in all sorts of jazz and funk formations. After Copenhagen we recorded the basic tracks for the new album in my parents' living room. Later we rejuggled it on the computer and put together videos to go with it to make it work in a new live context. We are not just a true working band but also a work in progress". And worth listening to, as a matter of fact."
(Götz Bühler | JAZZTHING 03.+ 04.'03)

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